Friday, November 24, 2006

And so it goes...

Yesterday, was one of those nights that was completely off the hook. I found my long lost friend Mr John Bogi, and I'm sure many of you will be pleased to hear this guy has returned with avengence! A certain Mr Bogi came out yesterdy evening with this little nugget... "Vittu en oo ollu näin kännissä pitkään aikaan" Love it... I think my work here is done!

Yesterday in addition to leading Jugi back down the slippery slope of sekoilu, we decided to really pull out all the stops. Video and pictures are on the way, as soon as the disclaimers have been signed and the lawyers deployed. After all we are in America the country of litigation and we hardly want our naked asses sued! But yeah, some streaking, swiming and extreme belly flops were the order of the day yesterday.

Today was more of the same ol same ol. We checked out the beach which was awesome.. I love the sea, and everything about it. Must be the captain morgan in me speaking.

This evening there was a friend of Jugis and Perttus from Sweden, who came around with his brother. Needless to say, we got rather tanked up. Chatted culture, did the old traditional backslapping.. and then headed once again to the pool. For some Scandinavian silly times. (think wrestling, running, shouting and general mayhem)

I think I have managed to restore the life force to San Diego, and espescially, to a certain member in particular. Those in the know.. know.. and those who aren't, well they are missing out.

In 6 hours time we are heading to Vegas. This trip could be viewed from many different perspectives. It is certainly a cultural escapade, a cliche filled charge on a city full of culinry delights, gambling frights and ladies of the night. No promises about photographic material will be made. We all know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But we shall see. When I get the time I will edit Wednesday nights video into something sort of respectable. But for now I need my sleep.

The Bogi and Morgan are back in town...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

C'est Fantastique!

The past week in NIU has again been one filled with action of all sorts. School work and partying have been the words of the day. On Thursday we presented our Internet Marketing project to the CEO of which was a complete success. Of course before the presentation I presented my group with a bottle of champagne, because well... we had an absolute blast working together. Later in the evening we headed to a local bar where the Prof bought beer and pizza, which went down an absolute treat with us students. It then provided a wonderful networking opportunity again, and a possible job opportunity. Later that evening I demonstrated the Mikkeli style how to party, which went down a treat with the locals.

The weekend was then full of random house parties, which again involved beer pong, beer bongs and general sekoilu. Including waking up with a certain captain morgan. (and I mean that in the literal sense)

Recently I have been procrastinating in a big way, which is why I'm sitting here at 00.30 just sort of starting a 10 page Human Resource paper. In fact, I was so dissilusioned about the whole thing that I had to go to the local bar for a few games of pool and a few beers with a mate. Well, as you all know the drill goes one beer, then the second out of courtesy, the third because well it tastes so good.. and then from there on the next N drinks because the bar tender was in your class and is offering ou free alcohol. Which would be rude to turn down.

I must say, I am in sort of party mode already... because tmr I'm off to San Diego to meet up with Perttu, Jugi and Tuija, and from there on the direction is Las Vegas. So my mood is certainly not one that is in tune with academic literature, or trying to explain why the cheating W$@*?rs at Enron buggered employees out of their 401(k). I guess this is why the most key person in my life at the moment is an inanimate object called Red Bull, and with its help I hope to survive the night without drooling all over my keyboard.

On Saturday, I bumped into a freind called Captain Morgan. Here is the proof. Watch out San Diego.. Here I come (and the captain is joining me)

Monday, November 13, 2006

The plot thickens...

So last week, went quick jam packed full of all sorts of interesting stories, situations and shady dealings. The fun started off on Thursday when a friend of mine find out she had managed to get a job for when she graduates in December, so naturally we had to go out and celebrate big style. The evening involved stops at numerous house parties and also bars, where some foolish idiot decided to start a tab... (don't go there)

The evening went smth like this.....

Seeing who can drink a can of beer quickest, unfortunately I lost with a time of 6 seconds.

Going to bar, ordering food, starting tab, and ordering long island ice teas.

Heading to houseparties somewhere.

Impressing locals with British charm.... hmmm...

Getting thirsty

Mastering beer pong.

And after a hard evening on the town, polishing off what is left of the peppermint liqor.

Luckily I skipped Friday morning, and headed straight into the afternoon portion, which brought with it a trip to Chicago to watch the Blackhawks play some hockey against the St Louis Blues. It was great seeing the huge United Center where both the Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Bulls play. The game itself was not a great one but the Blackhawks ended their losing streak so there was a pretty good atmosphere.

Then Saturday, I decided to pop down to do some laundry but got hijacked by some friends on the way, and was asked if pizza and beer sounded good. So that was a pretty hard decision. One of the guys got completely hammered on mexican tequila and ended up passing out with his shoes on, so he was as they say "fair game" Out came the markers and profanities and I actually ended up feeling really sorry for the guy. I will post pictures if I can get them off my American phone onto the computer.

The weekend also involved other highpoints, such as going to watch Borats film, which was outragous ! I haven't laughed that hard for so long for quite a while, I'm sure it was made all the sweeter sitting there surrounded by Americans!! If you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favour and go to your local cinema. You will not be dissapointed. It was also fun this weekend because I got to drive a friends tripped out car which had 350bhp and 4wd. That certainly made for some fun around the backroads of DeKalb!

Thats all for now, time to hit the books!

Monday, November 06, 2006

It's wonderful!

What has the world come to when University students actually need to do some work? I mean here I am on a Monday evening with a HRM test in the morning, presentation and mini assignment straight after that, and oh musn't forget the two ethics papers that I need to do and the buyer behaviour exam later this week. Then again, this is pretty much the last and only week of hard work, which will be followed by some more cultural explorations and shenanigans. It's amazing how much one can achieve with so little effort!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The horror of Haloween

Haloween in the US is huge, simply uncomprehensible. The stores are full of comstumes and other Haloween realted stuff, and students very cleverly use the excuse of haloween to have house parties and get royally drunk. Lovin it. The house parties are great fun and it was a blast to see the ladies dressed up in very little. I havent quite worked out how kinky nurse costumes relate to haloween and frankly I couldn't give two hoots because...well, they looked hot. I didn't dress up, rather chose to invest my money in a bottle of vodka which I then emptied at a speed that would make any alcoholic proud!

Oh and while on the subject of alcohol, I would love to know why I'm staring at an almost empty bottle of jim beam on my desk and why instead of waking up next to some sweet filly in a sorority house, I was cuddling a beer can. Fear and loathing in DeKalb anyone? I think the Koreans might have their fingers in this one.

Now where did I put that can of beer?

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Jerry Springer and Jaeger Bombs

Well, this exchange just keeps heading into murkier waters. Yesterday I was in the audience of the Jerry Springer show with Kevin an Irish exchange student here. All I can say is that... well. Anyone who has seen the show knows the sort of messed up people they have on it. It's just unbelievable that there are people with problems like that, and its made even more unbelievable by the fact that they are willing to beat the living daylights out of say their own mum on TV. It was quite an experience, the best bit was the soundman teasing one of the guests and then getting the crap beaten out of him. (He did deserve it) It was also rather amusing chanting Jerry.. Jerry.. Jerry..

Thursday night was yet again party party time, which involved buying trays of Jaeger bombs (jeggu battery) The only gripe I have here is that the bars close at 2. So when everything gets going its time to leave. Then again, no matter. Thats what frats and sororities are for!! So yet again I trundled back home at 9 in the morning, leaving behind my phone. Real smooth way to roll.

Got the results for the final that I didn't study for and was somewhat suprised. Above class average result. So I guess I should go out and celebrate, that was the final test for the course and I have already got enough points to pass with a few more assignments in store. One course down and 3 to go!

Tonight yet more halloween house parties to look forward to. I guess its time to head off to walmart to get a costume of some sort.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Water fights and Miller lights

Homecoming came and went, leaving behind it fantastic memories and yet another bonkers group of friends.

Saturday started in a very tame manner, just wondering around for a couple of hours before the homecoming football game eating free hamburgers and knocking back free beer courtesy of the various alumni tents. The footie game started and we gave Temple college a good ass whopping, it was nice being in a completely full student section with those rowdy Americans. They certainly can make a lot of noise.

Just the end of the game the heavens opened and it started to piss down with rain, which wasn't the best thing that could have happened considering that we were going out later and would have to walk.

The evening started off in a very dodgy manner, not having a clue where we were going or how we were going to get there. No problem though, my Irish friend has made a habbit of just gatecrashing parties here so we just sort of followed the leader. After lots of searching we found a kegger, only problem was it was an asians party. So we felt that rather than sticking out like the balls on a bulldog, we would rather head somewhere else where we might stand the chance of blending in. Oh if we had only known what was in store for us next.

Yes we found another party, yes there was alcohol there and yes there was also some food. However it was some guys 21st birthday party, and the best bit was that all the people there were either first or second generation Indian (no not native americans) During our short time there we were invited to dance to Indian dance music (think Punjabi Mc) which was for want of a better word ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS !

After me and Kevin ran to the liqor store to pick up a few beers... 60 miller lights and a bottle of jamesson, we headed back to the party. But then decided that we couldn't handle the pace of those crazy Indian dancers, and again we felt we stuck out slightly. Although the guys there were really nice.

So we moved on again, with no real idea of where we were heading, completely random. We then ended up a house party in.. erm someones house. Anyhow as the evening went on more and more people turned up. Then someone decided to start playing drinking games, so I thought I might as well join in for a laugh. Those poor Americans didn't know what had hit them!

3 hours and countless beers later the wheat got separated from the chaff, and it was just me and some sorority girl sitting and drinking. She then had the absolutely fantastic idea of making water bombs to wake up her friends. Which at like 8am in the morning in the inebriated state that we were in seemed like a really funny idea. However what actually followed was a full blown waterfight between me and her in the downstairs of her house. At this point I would like to say in typical 5 year old fashion that: "she started it" Not me!

At 10am I wondered into my dorms absolutely dripping wet looking like I had been for a swim or something. I will never forget the looks that I got on the way to the elevator!!

Absolutely priceless!!

At 4pm in the afternoon when I woke up I thought I had missed the car that was piloted by Juha Kankkunen, unfortunately though he ran me over a couple of hours later...In fact I'm certain that he also reversed over me a couple of times for good measure. What an absolute hum-dinger of a hangover! Which was great considering that at nine in the evening I realized that I had a final exam the next day. Needless to say my studying consisted of me opening my book only to fall asleep after reading all of half a page. I then had the pleasure of waking up with a drool covered book glued to my face. NICE!

But as many of my fellow students will no doubt agree, it's not as though we came on exchange to study!